Track Review: Tombstone da Deadman – “Entropy”

entropic man

In a genre so completely oversaturated by anti-intellectual nonsense, violence, and puerility from mainstream artists, fans of rap must look to independent artists like Tombstone da Deadman to  find music of substance and cleverness.  Followers of Tombstone should know that he is well acquainted with the art of socially-conscious rapping; he has things to say that are worth hearing, and he says it well.

Revealed as a sneak peak for Tombstone’s upcoming release, Entropic Man, “Entropy” serves as a full-force social commentary on modern American society that holds no punches, and throws with intent. He addresses several factors that highlight the crumbling of the traditional American ideals of progress; achievement; and freedom, throughout the piece, including, but certainly not limited to: religion, avarice, foreign-war, a failing education system, a deteriorating infrastructure, and an apathetic populace.

As is most often the case with his songs, Tombstone raps his piece over a looping piano track with percussive accompaniment. The sample, while repetitive by nature, is intricate enough to remain interesting, especially when paired with the rhythm of Tombstone’s rapping, with perhaps no better example to be found than in the remarkably appealing chorus of “Entropy” .  An interesting addition to the music that may be overlooked, but contributes greatly to the product holistically, is a dirty bassline that adds a bit of subtle grit to the work.

Fans of intelligent and meaningful rap should seek out Entropic Man, set for release on Halloween 2013.

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